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wealthfrontierfx.com Group is a global conglomerate made up of subsidiaries which provide an opportunity to touch lives via the services we provide. We are interested in delivering excellent, quality and speedy services for customer satisfaction while consistently being transparent,expanding our client base and international legacy. wealthfrontierfx.com group is a leading investment manager in Real Asset and focuses on Investments in digital currencies , Real estates, Agriculture, stocks and oil sector. Here Investment in digital currencies is the paramount investment and the platform seeks to analyze investments options. wealthfrontierfx.com tracks details of investments from a wide range of product providers including most major international pension providers as well also providing the opportunity to own a property.

A range of tools to analyze investments are also available, either at portfolio or holding level, including fund fact sheets, price performance and benchmarking charts for each individual holding and value as well as volatility and performance charts for each portfolio of assets.

Our Investment Sectors


Investing in cryptocurrencies requires a level of due diligence not too dissimilar to the research involved in other more mature asset classes. The volatility and sizeable returns on offer have certainly benefitted investors. After all, Cryptocurrency has yielded a mass number of millionaires.

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Real Estate

In a bid to attain financial stability, many search for proper investments with their income. Improvement of realty property as part of a real estate investment strategy is generally considered to be a sub-specialty of real estate investing.

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wealthfrontierfx.com offers an innovative digital platform that gives everyone the opportunity to engage in Agribusiness anytime and on the go and fund farms thereby facilitating trades of agricultural commodities.

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Investment Plans

  • Trial Plan
  • 15% After 24 hrs
  • Min Amount: $150
  • Max Amount: $399
  • Instant Withdrawal
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  • Starter Plan
  • 30% After 24 hrs
  • Min Amount: $400
  • Max Amount: $999
  • Instant Withdrawal
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  • Classic Plan
  • 50% After 2 days
  • Min Amount: $1,000
  • Max Amount: $10,000
  • Instant Withdrawal
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  • Premium Plan
  • 100% After 2 days
  • Min Amount: $5,000
  • Max Amount: $200,000
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We have invested $6.4 billion in 150 transactions
across 23 countries”

We are United Kingdom Registered Company

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wealthfrontierfx.com offers an unparalleled lineup of traditional, alternative and ESG strategies you want with the performance you need to achieve your financial goals.

We are continuously innovating – thoughtfully evolving our platforms to deliver ever-better service and results for each and every client. We tailor solutions to meet your needs and deliver security you can rely on to keep assets safe.

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